pink bunny necklace

pink bunny necklace

Q: When is a bunny a great gift? Answer: Anytime! My lovely, multi-talented, bunny-making friend calls these Easter bunny necklaces, and I think they are bunnies for all holidays & all seasons.
Little Princess literally screamed (in a happy way) when she got one. Each little bunny has its own name and a little cotton-tail in back! So, so cute! Available at Etsy. Pink princess bunnies: Hooray!


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What’s more fun than a pink sweater? One with a huge flower on it!
Addie Novelty Sweater: $54

Pink Lilly Pulitzer Sweater


Does this sound familiar: “I want the Pink NOO IIIIII WANT THE PINK!!!”?


If so, help is on the way: PrincessLovesPink has learned that The Crayola Store lets you customize 64-packs of crayons. So, you can pack ‘em full of pink.

Recommended: Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink (left). Crayola Custom Box: $10.99.


Yes that’s right: Today, June 23, is dedicated to the color pink. Though there is not a lot of info out there about the historical meaning of National Pink Day, why not celebrate with LP?

Ours has been begging for glasses (despite consistent perfect-vision tests) which got me thinking: How cute are pink glasses?

I saw these pink glasses from Laura Ashley (Sweet Pea Glasses they come in “Pink Sugar” and “Brown Sugar”) and thought they were a perfect way to celebrate NPD (and every day). I won’t be getting these for our LP (because, as mentioned, she does not need them!) but if she did, I would.


Confession: This will be more fun for you than it is for your child:

little girl princess

Step 1: Have a bunch of little stickers on hand.

Step 2: Go to DLTK’s site, pick a princess chart and put her “goals” on it.

(Hint: Make goals positive , like “set table,” not “no yelling at the table”–it’s impossible to reward something she’s not doing.)

Step 3: Write into the top chart-cells what she’ll get if she fills the chart up with stickers like: “Fill in, the chart, and you’ll, get ______!”

Print, stick it on the fridge. Like magic, your LP will set the table, brush her teeth, and go to bed without a fuss (well, the first 2 anyway). Good luck!


lg.glitterpolishSome nailpolish has some pretty scary ingredients, like formaldehyde…

Not good for the Little Princess. We tried nontoxic No Miss (pictured) and found it delicious — and it now comes in glittery colors!

No Miss Polish $8.  Other non-toxic polish: Sula in Perfect Pink (thanks to GirlieGirlArmy for this tip!), and Piggy Paint (thanks to Earth911).


1These gorgeous mermaid princesses are hand-crafted with love by a wonderfully talented artist-writer friend who sent LP one.

When our Little Princess opened the box, I could practically hear her heart pounding. LP clasped the wee ‘Maid her little chest and said:

“Oh Mama! This is so special to me!” And they really are that amazingly special.

I am hanging hers over her bed as a princess-mermaid dream catcher to ensure only lovely, pink, mermaid-y, princess-y dreams. Princess Mermaid, $18 at Etsy.


il_430xn74147750First saw Huckleberry Baby at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market — the cutest possible clothes and accessories.

Now that summer’s coming, the lookout is on for Hats LP Will Actually Wear. This one is 1) pink & 2) soft. Bing!

Huckleberry Baby Reversible Sun Hat $25.


17856_pd1This is Posh Tot’s “Princess Diana,” outfit but it looks to some like Lil’ Cinderella.

The front-apron reminds me of a Rudolf Dreikers quote I read in Positive Discipline: “Don’t do anything for a child that a child can do for herself.” Wise words, no?

Posh Tots Corset and Skirt $228.

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