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1These gorgeous mermaid princesses are hand-crafted with love by a wonderfully talented artist-writer friend who sent LP one.

When our Little Princess opened the box, I could practically hear her heart pounding. LP clasped the wee ‘Maid her little chest and said:

“Oh Mama! This is so special to me!” And they really are that amazingly special.

I am hanging hers over her bed as a princess-mermaid dream catcher to ensure only lovely, pink, mermaid-y, princess-y dreams. Princess Mermaid, $18 at Etsy.


What Little Princesses are (ever-so-graciously) clamoring for this year:

liana-1-lgBarbie & The Diamond Castle Dolls
WHY: The tunes in this movie are so catchy and the dolls sing ‘em. They also win “best princess outfit on a doll” award. FOR: Friend’s kids (as mentioned, these dolls sing.) BUY: Princess Liana Doll $14.99 Princess Alexa Doll $19.99 Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD $10.99

A Set of Dress Up Clothes
WHY: Playdate’s at your house when there are enough getups to go around. FOR: The girl (and mom) who loves to host playdates. BUY: Royal Dress Up Trunk 21 Pieces (lotsa pink!) $59.99

playmobilcastleA Play Castle
WHY: Hours of pretending. FOR: Any 3-7-year old you want to really Wow. BUY: Melissa & Doug Folding Castle $57.62 EXTRA: The Matching Royal Family Doll Set $19.24 ALSO: Magic Castle by Playmobil $129.99 (pictured).

A Pink Digital Camera
WHY: It’s my own camera! It’s pink! Mine! FOR: Any preschooler with snap-happy parents who won’t let her touch their grown-up camera. BUY: VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera, Pink $39.99

Pink Glide-to-Ride Bike31svpbike_sl500_aa250_
WHY: Kids can get the hang of balancing, then you attach pedals so they can learn to ride a two-wheeler. Very cool. FOR: Girls ready for their first 2-wheeler. BUY: Playskool Glide to Ride Bike $100.89 (pictured). ALSO: PV Glider $99.00

BONUS: Princess DVDs!
WHY: Happy Princesses in the playroom. FOR: All! BUY: The “new” Sleeping Beauty $10.00 Dora Saves the Snow Princess $14.99 Enchanted $19.99 Shrek $14.99


We personally don’t own this beautiful doll … because she sings.


We do own a singing Ariel, her signature song is a series of very loud, melodious notes.
(She was a gift).

As a big fan of the Diamond Castle Movie, I’m sure Liana’s songs are lovely, especially when sung in your friend’s playroom ;) Liana Doll $9.99.


Our Little Princess is nuts about this. She brings it in the bath every night and demands I put Barbie’s pink-streaked hair into a pony tail. This has prompted our LP to want pink hair (not sure if that’s a good thing).

Barbie Splash and Style Mermaid: Pink Doll with FishThe tail doesn’t actually “Move like she’s swimming” as it says in the ad, but if you squeeze Barbie’s hips, she flaps her tail. Little P’s hands aren’t strong enough, but when I do it, LP goes “ooooh!” The tiara comes off and goodness help you if you lose it… All in all a good investment.

Barbie Splash & Style Mermaid Doll with Angel Fish $15.93


These are cute and highly pack-able; each can fit into a kid-sized purse. Many LPs we know collect them and they’re especially fun if your LP has a dollhouse (or a castle). One note: I’ve never met a child under 6 who can put the dresses onto these dolls by herself. Disney Favorite Moments Gift Set $19.95


The trick for many is to put the doll’s little arms in the air like she just doesn’t care and then pull the dress on, hands first (when you have the dolls this will make sense).

More fun though is watching your husband try to do it with his big man-hands. Hopefully you will avoid the fate of our dad-friend who is often reminded of how he “broke Ariel’s best pink dress.” A great gift if you’re not sure what princess your LP’s friend likes most.