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We were partial to this because the Princess is named Sabrina…

p4944717dtOur LP watches this over and over. It’s a cute story and Dora is her usual strong, heroic self.

The Snow Princess is brave and kind, and her smile unlocks a snowy wonderland. (LP agrees that though boy heros don’t tend to use “smile power” perhaps more should). Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess DVD $16.99.


It’s the 1959 movie, “digitally restored” meaning the illustrations and audio have been bedazzled. The three fairies that look after Princess Aurora are wonderfully complex characters who quibble and still love each other.


The dragon scene isn’t too scary, and as a lovely bonus, the Princess’ mommy gets to stay alive for the entire movie. Sleeping Beauty DVD $14.99.


This movie ($10.99 at Amazon) is a surprise treasure; think “Barbie meets the Indigo Girls.” The music (not really the I.G.s but that vibe) is great and the story’s about friendship and music, with cute boys as bumbling accessories.


About 30 minutes in, evil Lydia corners the girls in the woods and it gets a little scary (Lydia’s spells turn people temporarily into green-eyed zombies which my LP found freaky). The songs are seriously catchy, consider the
Barbie & the Diamond Castle CD too.

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This title made me laugh because it sounds like a sex ed movie for mermaids. You know, like: “When a mommy mermaid and a daddy merman love each other very much, they get together in a special way…”

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's BeginningThe Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning Price: $15.99

Anyway a huge billboard for it went up right on the way to LP’s preschool so we “had ta see it!” (We’re originally from New York, some of us still have the accent). It was totally worth the rental price and I might consider buying it. This prequel explains why Ariel’s dad is so furious at humans in The Little Mermaid and the music is great—our LP got up and danced during the club scene.