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Confession: This will be more fun for you than it is for your child:

little girl princess

Step 1: Have a bunch of little stickers on hand.

Step 2: Go to DLTK’s site, pick a princess chart and put her “goals” on it.

(Hint: Make goals positive , like “set table,” not “no yelling at the table”–it’s impossible to reward something she’s not doing.)

Step 3: Write into the top chart-cells what she’ll get if she fills the chart up with stickers like: “Fill in, the chart, and you’ll, get ______!”

Print, stick it on the fridge. Like magic, your LP will set the table, brush her teeth, and go to bed without a fuss (well, the first 2 anyway). Good luck!


Mommy, can you draw a princess and I’ll color it in? Well, actually, no. I can draw you a stick figure with a crown, would that help? Here you go…

Mommy's Best Work

Okay obviously that is not going to work! has cool princess printables your daughter will want to color in.

If unlike me, you can draw, please submit your non-trademark infringing color-me princess to I’d love to feature some!


This free and easy online game is oddly addictive.

princess game

Not all the links on the page are Little-Princess Friendly, but the game is fun in part because of the extensive accessories options you—er, she—can choose for each Princess.

At 4.5 our LP is just able to do the drag and dropping neccessary to glamorize the gals and shriek “LOOK HOW PRETTY I MADE HER!!” in the most little-ladylike fashion.