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lg.glitterpolishSome nailpolish has some pretty scary ingredients, like formaldehyde…

Not good for the Little Princess. We tried nontoxic No Miss (pictured) and found it delicious — and it now comes in glittery colors!

No Miss Polish $8.  Other non-toxic polish: Sula in Perfect Pink (thanks to GirlieGirlArmy for this tip!), and Piggy Paint (thanks to Earth911).


1These gorgeous mermaid princesses are hand-crafted with love by a wonderfully talented artist-writer friend who sent LP one.

When our Little Princess opened the box, I could practically hear her heart pounding. LP clasped the wee ‘Maid her little chest and said:

“Oh Mama! This is so special to me!” And they really are that amazingly special.

I am hanging hers over her bed as a princess-mermaid dream catcher to ensure only lovely, pink, mermaid-y, princess-y dreams. Princess Mermaid, $18 at Etsy.


blanket_9_big-1It’s time to go. But Little Princess says she’s “not ready.” It’s “too cold.” And she’s “waaay too tired.” And why can’t she bring blankie in the car? She PROMISES not to lose it.

Mama’s too savvy to fall for that. A new idea: the Car Blankie. Just like Home Blankie, but it lives in the car. (Warning: Do not allow Car Blankie out of the car. You know why.)

Cozy for car-naps. Toasty for pre-dropoff. Heart-ed and sweetly personalized for your Little Princess. ButterscotchBlankees $125.00

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Ever get that feeling like Little Princess isn’t going to sleep, it’s coming up on 9, and you’ll never, ever have any “grown up time” ever again? Me either.

I am a sucker for my child saying she’s scared. I don’t care that she might be manipulating me, I just can’t take the risk that she might be afraid. So I let her sleep with the lights on, and I tuck her in 2, 3… oh who am I kidding 300 times.

But now I have new friend: A Dream Catcher! I made up a story about how if you don’t stay in bed, it loses some of it’s power (so wrong, I know. Let me know if it works for you).

Good luck, and sweet dreams. Dream Catcher by ArizonaDreams $16.00

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Sometimes a Princess simply needs a little time alone.


Not like in a “time out” way, more like a “I no longer wish to play with The Prince, nor do I want to eat the gross food you’re serving for dinner” way.

For those moments, try this little pink silo; we know sisters who share a room and use it for a little privacy. Tip: Stash books and a mini book light in there. Princess Canopy, $99.00.