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Does this sound familiar: “I want the Pink NOO IIIIII WANT THE PINK!!!”?


If so, help is on the way: PrincessLovesPink has learned that The Crayola Store lets you customize 64-packs of crayons. So, you can pack ‘em full of pink.

Recommended: Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink (left). Crayola Custom Box: $10.99.


1These gorgeous mermaid princesses are hand-crafted with love by a wonderfully talented artist-writer friend who sent LP one.

When our Little Princess opened the box, I could practically hear her heart pounding. LP clasped the wee ‘Maid her little chest and said:

“Oh Mama! This is so special to me!” And they really are that amazingly special.

I am hanging hers over her bed as a princess-mermaid dream catcher to ensure only lovely, pink, mermaid-y, princess-y dreams. Princess Mermaid, $18 at Etsy.


pr1062p-300I long resisted the idea that if you “dress up” food, kids will eat it. Turns out though, it really works.

Case in point: The Grilled Cheese Example. Untouched after the old “offer it 5-10 times to let her get used to it” routine. Next day, same sandwich, gobbled down with glee after being punched into a star, moon, and well — you can see the picture.

Don’t throw away the “wasted” scraps around the shape because you know Daddy will eat them. Pink Tiara Cookie Cutter: about $2.


Ever get that feeling like Little Princess isn’t going to sleep, it’s coming up on 9, and you’ll never, ever have any “grown up time” ever again? Me either.

I am a sucker for my child saying she’s scared. I don’t care that she might be manipulating me, I just can’t take the risk that she might be afraid. So I let her sleep with the lights on, and I tuck her in 2, 3… oh who am I kidding 300 times.

But now I have new friend: A Dream Catcher! I made up a story about how if you don’t stay in bed, it loses some of it’s power (so wrong, I know. Let me know if it works for you).

Good luck, and sweet dreams. Dream Catcher by ArizonaDreams $16.00

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The best part of mealtime is when lovingly-prepared meals are set on the table and met with squeals of, “Ew! GWOSS! Nas-tay!” Good times.


But with these gorgeous plates, Little Princess may go “Ooh! Butterfly!” first, and may move some food into her mouth so she can see the picture.

A mommy can dream, right? There are pretty matching cups and bowls too. Happy eating!
Butter Me Up Plate


On a magical little Floridian Island, so many shells splash to shore that the waves sound like windchimes. Many of them are actually Pink Shells.


If you have any trouble getting your Little Princess to wash her hands when she comes in from the beach, or the yard, or school, these pink seashell soaps ($5.95 from should do the trick.


Fun and creative gift idea for a crafty Little Princess (aren’t they all?)


Smart Mom Award if you keep a set in your closet for when it’s freezing outside and cozy inside.

A set of adorable little stamps: Under $14.
Extra pink ink
(you’ll be glad you did): Under $5.


Good idea: Visit affiliate friends before that long trip to the in-laws. (Free shipping on all orders over $75). Search for “Princess” to see their Color Explosion, Color Wonder, and Recoloritz Princess-options.


Bad idea: Leave non-crayola, grown-up markers in your little princess’ room the night that Daddy’s in charge.

You may come home to find her asleep, covered in self-drawn “Princess Tattoos” (including a hot-pink princess on her cheek).



Heard about KidsKonserve from Ecostiletto, who writes: 80 percent of the 25 billion single-serving water bottles used each year end up in a landfill.

kk033-2I’ve been looking for a non-plastic water bottle for our Little Princess but couldn’t find one under $25 (since let’s face it this will get lost and you should buy two).

This one has pink butterflies and is just the right size.

Butterfly 16oz stainless steel bottle $13.00.


We were partial to this because the Princess is named Sabrina…

p4944717dtOur LP watches this over and over. It’s a cute story and Dora is her usual strong, heroic self.

The Snow Princess is brave and kind, and her smile unlocks a snowy wonderland. (LP agrees that though boy heros don’t tend to use “smile power” perhaps more should). Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess DVD $16.99.