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pink bunny necklace

pink bunny necklace

Q: When is a bunny a great gift? Answer: Anytime! My lovely, multi-talented, bunny-making friend calls these Easter bunny necklaces, and I think they are bunnies for all holidays & all seasons.
Little Princess literally screamed (in a happy way) when she got one. Each little bunny has its own name and a little cotton-tail in back! So, so cute! Available at Etsy. Pink princess bunnies: Hooray!


What’s more fun than a pink sweater? One with a huge flower on it!
Addie Novelty Sweater: $54

Pink Lilly Pulitzer Sweater


Yes that’s right: Today, June 23, is dedicated to the color pink. Though there is not a lot of info out there about the historical meaning of National Pink Day, why not celebrate with LP?

Ours has been begging for glasses (despite consistent perfect-vision tests) which got me thinking: How cute are pink glasses?

I saw these pink glasses from Laura Ashley (Sweet Pea Glasses they come in “Pink Sugar” and “Brown Sugar”) and thought they were a perfect way to celebrate NPD (and every day). I won’t be getting these for our LP (because, as mentioned, she does not need them!) but if she did, I would.


il_430xn74147750First saw Huckleberry Baby at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market — the cutest possible clothes and accessories.

Now that summer’s coming, the lookout is on for Hats LP Will Actually Wear. This one is 1) pink & 2) soft. Bing!

Huckleberry Baby Reversible Sun Hat $25.


This doll is cool. At first I didn’t read the directions and horrified our Little Princess by putting Ariel in the tub, making the designs on her tail vanish.


So you know: blow-drying Ariel while praying the designs re-appear will not work, ice water will. (Thank you, Internet).

We set up one icy bowl, one warm. Designs on, designs off! Fun! This Ariel even has what appear to be tummy tatts (we told LP they were obviously “temporary”). Ariel Bath Doll, about $29.00


Lovely PoshTots has the most beautiful, poofy, foofy, fluff-tastic tutu of all.
After she quits ballet, you can tack it to her wall; what a work of art!

Or she can wear it over jeans to every single birthday party, ever.

Chocolate and Light Pink Poofy Princess Tutu $60.00.


Ah, December! The joys of dressing up for family gatherings and services…


The searching for last year’s dress at the back of the closet… The vigorous scrubbing to get those jam handprints off the front (dang that strawberry cake filling!) … Or maybe that’s just us?

Here’s another option: Tea Collection Ancient Embroidery Dress, $55.30.


Let’s assume your LP will only wear clothes that are soft, pink, and comfy.


C & C California, land of deliciously soft cotton with extra-long sleeves, is having a mondo kids sale—use promo code KIDSX33 through Nov 30.

And while you’re there… they have the best turtlenecks ever (for you).
Toddler Nora Dress, $34.00.


Like a beautiful bouquet of the most romantic-possible flowers, ever-so-lightly dipped into caramel-sundae sauce.


The sugar-high aspect makes it young enough for any princess but the bottle is special enough to be displayed by older girls. Naturally: love the name. Vera Wang Princess Perfume: $45.56


We have the “non-princess” version of this castle and it’s amazing.

51rr6mrsh7l_ss400_This Princess Castle ($64.99) is deliciously pink-accented and folds open so her Princess Small Dolls can roam around and have adventures … or get banished to the towers, as HRH wishes.

Recommended: Institute a “no yelling HELP! HELP! from the towers” rule early on.