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Princess Splurge!

17856_pd1This is Posh Tot’s “Princess Diana,” outfit but it looks to some like Lil’ Cinderella.

The front-apron reminds me of a Rudolf Dreikers quote I read in Positive Discipline: “Don’t do anything for a child that a child can do for herself.” Wise words, no?

Posh Tots Corset and Skirt $228.

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blanket_9_big-1It’s time to go. But Little Princess says she’s “not ready.” It’s “too cold.” And she’s “waaay too tired.” And why can’t she bring blankie in the car? She PROMISES not to lose it.

Mama’s too savvy to fall for that. A new idea: the Car Blankie. Just like Home Blankie, but it lives in the car. (Warning: Do not allow Car Blankie out of the car. You know why.)

Cozy for car-naps. Toasty for pre-dropoff. Heart-ed and sweetly personalized for your Little Princess. ButterscotchBlankees $125.00

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All Tarina Tarantino jewelry is super-fabulous. The I Love You Ring has brought this mommy untold joy. On the wish list is this pink-tastic necklace.

51arecu347l_ss400_It’s fun having mommy jewelry that makes your Little Princess squeak with happiness, like you’re playing dress up together.

You can get her version at Claire’s Accessories ;) .

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Swaroski Crystals Charm Necklace $149.


What Little Princesses are (ever-so-graciously) clamoring for this year:

liana-1-lgBarbie & The Diamond Castle Dolls
WHY: The tunes in this movie are so catchy and the dolls sing ‘em. They also win “best princess outfit on a doll” award. FOR: Friend’s kids (as mentioned, these dolls sing.) BUY: Princess Liana Doll $14.99 Princess Alexa Doll $19.99 Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD $10.99

A Set of Dress Up Clothes
WHY: Playdate’s at your house when there are enough getups to go around. FOR: The girl (and mom) who loves to host playdates. BUY: Royal Dress Up Trunk 21 Pieces (lotsa pink!) $59.99

playmobilcastleA Play Castle
WHY: Hours of pretending. FOR: Any 3-7-year old you want to really Wow. BUY: Melissa & Doug Folding Castle $57.62 EXTRA: The Matching Royal Family Doll Set $19.24 ALSO: Magic Castle by Playmobil $129.99 (pictured).

A Pink Digital Camera
WHY: It’s my own camera! It’s pink! Mine! FOR: Any preschooler with snap-happy parents who won’t let her touch their grown-up camera. BUY: VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera, Pink $39.99

Pink Glide-to-Ride Bike31svpbike_sl500_aa250_
WHY: Kids can get the hang of balancing, then you attach pedals so they can learn to ride a two-wheeler. Very cool. FOR: Girls ready for their first 2-wheeler. BUY: Playskool Glide to Ride Bike $100.89 (pictured). ALSO: PV Glider $99.00

BONUS: Princess DVDs!
WHY: Happy Princesses in the playroom. FOR: All! BUY: The “new” Sleeping Beauty $10.00 Dora Saves the Snow Princess $14.99 Enchanted $19.99 Shrek $14.99


Sometimes a Princess simply needs a little time alone.


Not like in a “time out” way, more like a “I no longer wish to play with The Prince, nor do I want to eat the gross food you’re serving for dinner” way.

For those moments, try this little pink silo; we know sisters who share a room and use it for a little privacy. Tip: Stash books and a mini book light in there. Princess Canopy, $99.00.