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Princess Gift Guide

Does this sound familiar: “I want the Pink NOO IIIIII WANT THE PINK!!!”?


If so, help is on the way: PrincessLovesPink has learned that The Crayola Store lets you customize 64-packs of crayons. So, you can pack ‘em full of pink.

Recommended: Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink (left). Crayola Custom Box: $10.99.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be one of those very-together parents who has thank-you stationary with their childs’ name on it, ready to sign, seal, and pop in the mail before the wrapping paper even hits the floor?

ncbca3That fantasy can become your reality! Go to for lovely custom notecards.

The cards pictured ($40 for 20 cards, pink envelopes and return labels) donate a portion of proceeds to breast cancer fundraisers, and there are many other styles to choose from.


We were partial to this because the Princess is named Sabrina…

p4944717dtOur LP watches this over and over. It’s a cute story and Dora is her usual strong, heroic self.

The Snow Princess is brave and kind, and her smile unlocks a snowy wonderland. (LP agrees that though boy heros don’t tend to use “smile power” perhaps more should). Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess DVD $16.99.


We personally don’t own this beautiful doll … because she sings.


We do own a singing Ariel, her signature song is a series of very loud, melodious notes.
(She was a gift).

As a big fan of the Diamond Castle Movie, I’m sure Liana’s songs are lovely, especially when sung in your friend’s playroom ;) Liana Doll $9.99.


It’s the 1959 movie, “digitally restored” meaning the illustrations and audio have been bedazzled. The three fairies that look after Princess Aurora are wonderfully complex characters who quibble and still love each other.


The dragon scene isn’t too scary, and as a lovely bonus, the Princess’ mommy gets to stay alive for the entire movie. Sleeping Beauty DVD $14.99.


Despite the premise (little Nancy wants to fancy-up her boring family) the Fancy Nancy book is actually endearing and ends with “I love you”… aw!


But your grandchild likely has the book, so consider this purse-shaped book/toy packed with cute activities, like ways to fancy-up sunglasses by gluing on broken jewelry: brilliant.

Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together
: $12.23


Like a beautiful bouquet of the most romantic-possible flowers, ever-so-lightly dipped into caramel-sundae sauce.


The sugar-high aspect makes it young enough for any princess but the bottle is special enough to be displayed by older girls. Naturally: love the name. Vera Wang Princess Perfume: $45.56


We have the “non-princess” version of this castle and it’s amazing.

51rr6mrsh7l_ss400_This Princess Castle ($64.99) is deliciously pink-accented and folds open so her Princess Small Dolls can roam around and have adventures … or get banished to the towers, as HRH wishes.

Recommended: Institute a “no yelling HELP! HELP! from the towers” rule early on.


We were at a fish grill when local bellydancers took the stage and began performing. When a little girl came by offering bindis, LP took a pink one.


She held it for a while before sticking it right between her little eyebrows and announcing that she would never take it off, not even in the bath.

Recommended: get a few sets ($10.99) and keep them wrapped up for when friends drop by unexpectedly bearing gifts.


Our Little Princess won’t let me brush her hair, ever. It’s like a nest of watermelon hairspray and randomly self-inserted hairclips that hang in the middle of her hair, not really holding anything in place but rather, just hanging on like little anchors. Sweet.

Love how these are a little bit rock n roll.

A little bit rock n roll.

I’m going to order these to see if she’ll let me put them in on TOP of her head—you know, where the bangs are. Click here to get yours—they’re $3.25 for a pair, and check out all the lovely designs by this artist at her Supa Designs shop. PS: at a back-to-school event today I realized I was wearing a shiny purple flower clip in my hair… nice.