Princess Small Dolls

These are cute and highly pack-able; each can fit into a kid-sized purse. Many LPs we know collect them and they’re especially fun if your LP has a dollhouse (or a castle). One note: I’ve never met a child under 6 who can put the dresses onto these dolls by herself. Disney Favorite Moments Gift Set $19.95


The trick for many is to put the doll’s little arms in the air like she just doesn’t care and then pull the dress on, hands first (when you have the dolls this will make sense).

More fun though is watching your husband try to do it with his big man-hands. Hopefully you will avoid the fate of our dad-friend who is often reminded of how he “broke Ariel’s best pink dress.” A great gift if you’re not sure what princess your LP’s friend likes most.

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Jenny Isenman March 6th, 2009 at 3:10 pm

You make it sound too simple. The truth is getting those dresses on is harder than putting a wet bathing suit on a wet child. Often a sad repercussion of trying to dress them is that they lose there heads and sometimes I lose mine out of sheer frustration. And yet they are tons of fun and I think we have every set including princesses from the disney B-list. I’d mention them but noone had heard of them.

Lamisha Khan October 15th, 2009 at 4:41 pm

This is how I put on my Jasmine and Aladdin dolls’s clothes on: First I put the 2 tiny hands in the hole. Then I fold the body like it’s sitting and quickly slip the body in.

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