Taming the Princess, Part 2: Sleep!

Ever get that feeling like Little Princess isn’t going to sleep, it’s coming up on 9, and you’ll never, ever have any “grown up time” ever again? Me either.

I am a sucker for my child saying she’s scared. I don’t care that she might be manipulating me, I just can’t take the risk that she might be afraid. So I let her sleep with the lights on, and I tuck her in 2, 3… oh who am I kidding 300 times.

But now I have new friend: A Dream Catcher! I made up a story about how if you don’t stay in bed, it loses some of it’s power (so wrong, I know. Let me know if it works for you).

Good luck, and sweet dreams. Dream Catcher by ArizonaDreams $16.00

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Jenny Isenman March 6th, 2009 at 7:49 pm

I wonder where your LP gets this innate ability to manipulate. HMMM

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