Personalized Princess Blankie

blanket_9_big-1It’s time to go. But Little Princess says she’s “not ready.” It’s “too cold.” And she’s “waaay too tired.” And why can’t she bring blankie in the car? She PROMISES not to lose it.

Mama’s too savvy to fall for that. A new idea: the Car Blankie. Just like Home Blankie, but it lives in the car. (Warning: Do not allow Car Blankie out of the car. You know why.)

Cozy for car-naps. Toasty for pre-dropoff. Heart-ed and sweetly personalized for your Little Princess. ButterscotchBlankees $125.00

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Briza November 21st, 2015 at 3:52 pm

I bought a sign on etsy. So, there’s this boy He kinda stole my heart He calls me Mom Purchased from InMind4U. I tppeird on it on ebay. I’m a single mom of a teenage boy. She customized it for me black with white lettering. Love the sign!!

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