Big Box of All Pink Crayons!

Does this sound familiar: “I want the Pink NOO IIIIII WANT THE PINK!!!”?


If so, help is on the way: PrincessLovesPink has learned that The Crayola Store lets you customize 64-packs of crayons. So, you can pack ‘em full of pink.

Recommended: Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink (left). Crayola Custom Box: $10.99.

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Jenny Isenman March 6th, 2009 at 7:30 pm

This is an adorable idea. I like when you mention random things people wouldn’t think of. How cute as part of party favors for a princess party. That and all pink mnm’s with the little girls name on them.

Marilyn November 12th, 2010 at 6:51 am

You totally ROCK!!!! Thanks so much for this idea! My 4yo princess, Abby, LOVES LOVES LOVES pink. She is the total girly-girl. She loves to color, and guess which color she constantly goes for? Needless to say, I have bought boxes and boxes of crayons, just to get another pink one! Well, no more! I ordered her one of these boxes for Christmas, after googling “pink crayons” and finding your site, and I can’t wait until she sees it! THANK YOU! I had never heard of this before, and it is exactly what we needed!

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