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This movie ($10.99 at Amazon) is a surprise treasure; think “Barbie meets the Indigo Girls.” The music (not really the I.G.s but that vibe) is great and the story’s about friendship and music, with cute boys as bumbling accessories.


About 30 minutes in, evil Lydia corners the girls in the woods and it gets a little scary (Lydia’s spells turn people temporarily into green-eyed zombies which my LP found freaky). The songs are seriously catchy, consider the
Barbie & the Diamond Castle CD too.

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Our Little Princess is nuts about this. She brings it in the bath every night and demands I put Barbie’s pink-streaked hair into a pony tail. This has prompted our LP to want pink hair (not sure if that’s a good thing).

Barbie Splash and Style Mermaid: Pink Doll with FishThe tail doesn’t actually “Move like she’s swimming” as it says in the ad, but if you squeeze Barbie’s hips, she flaps her tail. Little P’s hands aren’t strong enough, but when I do it, LP goes “ooooh!” The tiara comes off and goodness help you if you lose it… All in all a good investment.

Barbie Splash & Style Mermaid Doll with Angel Fish $15.93