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For some reason certain Little Princesses only seem to love summer pink dresses, no matter how freezing it is outside. There is a solution, however…

dressheartxmandypinklThis x-back dress from eco-friendly chic boutique The Little Seed is cute with a snug long sleeve shirt under, and fuzzy pink tights.
Hearts Pink Dress $72.00.


For the Little Princess who ooohs! at the stiff, beautiful, crinkly silk dresses in the store but will only wear the comfy, scratch-free dresses in her closet.

Juicy Couture Kids $106.00


Let’s say you find yourself shopping for a pink dress. Because you’re shopping … and it has to be pink … and it has to be a dress … yes? This week is all about the best pretty pink dresses.

Today’s pick: A peasant dress is romantic and old-world-ish. Also cute with sneakers. Bianni Dress $29.90


Just got back from a 4-year-old version of The Nutcracker. Crazy cute.


Little Princess had warned us not to be scared when the mice came out, even though, she whispered, “They are really evil little mice.”

Protect your LP from evil little mice with a beautiful pink kitten tutu handcrafted by Whimsy Ranch: White Kitten Leotard Tutu $56.00.


Lovely PoshTots has the most beautiful, poofy, foofy, fluff-tastic tutu of all.
After she quits ballet, you can tack it to her wall; what a work of art!

Or she can wear it over jeans to every single birthday party, ever.

Chocolate and Light Pink Poofy Princess Tutu $60.00.


Ah, December! The joys of dressing up for family gatherings and services…


The searching for last year’s dress at the back of the closet… The vigorous scrubbing to get those jam handprints off the front (dang that strawberry cake filling!) … Or maybe that’s just us?

Here’s another option: Tea Collection Ancient Embroidery Dress, $55.30.


Let’s assume your LP will only wear clothes that are soft, pink, and comfy.


C & C California, land of deliciously soft cotton with extra-long sleeves, is having a mondo kids sale—use promo code KIDSX33 through Nov 30.

And while you’re there… they have the best turtlenecks ever (for you).
Toddler Nora Dress, $34.00.


Shameless Princess Loves Pink Amazon-store-promotion: If your daughter wears only pink and has started calling you “My Queen,” the Princess Loves Pink Shop is our a-store (which sounds like a swear when you type it out but it’s actually our amazon-affilate store). There are still great deals on Halloween costumes and some cute finds for Princess Mommy as well. This Princess Mommy is presently obsessed with Tarina Tarantino. You?

At our “Princess Loves Pink Shop” you can get costumes, tiaras, and some cool jewelry for Moms, too.

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