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Does this sound familiar: “I want the Pink NOO IIIIII WANT THE PINK!!!”?


If so, help is on the way: PrincessLovesPink has learned that The Crayola Store lets you customize 64-packs of crayons. So, you can pack ‘em full of pink.

Recommended: Razzle Dazzle Rose, Cotton Candy, Tickle Me Pink and Carnation Pink (left). Crayola Custom Box: $10.99.


The best part of mealtime is when lovingly-prepared meals are set on the table and met with squeals of, “Ew! GWOSS! Nas-tay!” Good times.


But with these gorgeous plates, Little Princess may go “Ooh! Butterfly!” first, and may move some food into her mouth so she can see the picture.

A mommy can dream, right? There are pretty matching cups and bowls too. Happy eating!
Butter Me Up Plate


On a magical little Floridian Island, so many shells splash to shore that the waves sound like windchimes. Many of them are actually Pink Shells.


If you have any trouble getting your Little Princess to wash her hands when she comes in from the beach, or the yard, or school, these pink seashell soaps ($5.95 from should do the trick.


Despite the premise (little Nancy wants to fancy-up her boring family) the Fancy Nancy book is actually endearing and ends with “I love you”… aw!


But your grandchild likely has the book, so consider this purse-shaped book/toy packed with cute activities, like ways to fancy-up sunglasses by gluing on broken jewelry: brilliant.

Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together
: $12.23


We were at a fish grill when local bellydancers took the stage and began performing. When a little girl came by offering bindis, LP took a pink one.


She held it for a while before sticking it right between her little eyebrows and announcing that she would never take it off, not even in the bath.

Recommended: get a few sets ($10.99) and keep them wrapped up for when friends drop by unexpectedly bearing gifts.


This book took us 40 minutes to read it out loud, has beautiful pictures and our LP was enchanted by the story. Two parts I’d forgotten about: 1. The wicked stepmother gets gleeful thinking that the dwarfs might mistake Snow White’s sleep for death and “they’ll bury her alive!” (I mean really) 2. Grumpy saying “all females are poison” (thanks for nothin’ Grumps.)

Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

You might want to skim ahead so you can decide if you want to skip lines here and there when it gets scary… This book is a good present if you know a Little Princess who loves to read—or loves Snow White.

Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Price: $12.99

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These are cute and highly pack-able; each can fit into a kid-sized purse. Many LPs we know collect them and they’re especially fun if your LP has a dollhouse (or a castle). One note: I’ve never met a child under 6 who can put the dresses onto these dolls by herself. Disney Favorite Moments Gift Set $19.95


The trick for many is to put the doll’s little arms in the air like she just doesn’t care and then pull the dress on, hands first (when you have the dolls this will make sense).

More fun though is watching your husband try to do it with his big man-hands. Hopefully you will avoid the fate of our dad-friend who is often reminded of how he “broke Ariel’s best pink dress.” A great gift if you’re not sure what princess your LP’s friend likes most.


This title made me laugh because it sounds like a sex ed movie for mermaids. You know, like: “When a mommy mermaid and a daddy merman love each other very much, they get together in a special way…”

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's BeginningThe Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Beginning Price: $15.99

Anyway a huge billboard for it went up right on the way to LP’s preschool so we “had ta see it!” (We’re originally from New York, some of us still have the accent). It was totally worth the rental price and I might consider buying it. This prequel explains why Ariel’s dad is so furious at humans in The Little Mermaid and the music is great—our LP got up and danced during the club scene.