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All Tarina Tarantino jewelry is super-fabulous. The I Love You Ring has brought this mommy untold joy. On the wish list is this pink-tastic necklace.

51arecu347l_ss400_It’s fun having mommy jewelry that makes your Little Princess squeak with happiness, like you’re playing dress up together.

You can get her version at Claire’s Accessories ;) .

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Swaroski Crystals Charm Necklace $149.


We were at a fish grill when local bellydancers took the stage and began performing. When a little girl came by offering bindis, LP took a pink one.


She held it for a while before sticking it right between her little eyebrows and announcing that she would never take it off, not even in the bath.

Recommended: get a few sets ($10.99) and keep them wrapped up for when friends drop by unexpectedly bearing gifts.