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Confession: This will be more fun for you than it is for your child:

little girl princess

Step 1: Have a bunch of little stickers on hand.

Step 2: Go to DLTK’s site, pick a princess chart and put her “goals” on it.

(Hint: Make goals positive , like “set table,” not “no yelling at the table”–it’s impossible to reward something she’s not doing.)

Step 3: Write into the top chart-cells what she’ll get if she fills the chart up with stickers like: “Fill in, the chart, and you’ll, get ______!”

Print, stick it on the fridge. Like magic, your LP will set the table, brush her teeth, and go to bed without a fuss (well, the first 2 anyway). Good luck!


Good idea: Visit affiliate friends before that long trip to the in-laws. (Free shipping on all orders over $75). Search for “Princess” to see their Color Explosion, Color Wonder, and Recoloritz Princess-options.


Bad idea: Leave non-crayola, grown-up markers in your little princess’ room the night that Daddy’s in charge.

You may come home to find her asleep, covered in self-drawn “Princess Tattoos” (including a hot-pink princess on her cheek).